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Aero A-35

Yesterday I have put this model into downloads, but without any instructions, so now I want to publish some pictures from my build. Here they are.
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Aero A-35-img_3515.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3523.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3532.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3536.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3539.jpg  

Aero A-35-img_3542.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3547.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3549.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3550.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3551.jpg  

Aero A-35-img_3553.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3554.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3557.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3561.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3562.jpg  

Aero A-35-img_3567.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3570.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3572.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3573.jpg   Aero A-35-img_3574.jpg  

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