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Smile My new project of long duration- The Seaplanes and Airboat Collection

Hi friends !

I started another project in the area of interest , which is a collection of airboats , seaplanes and amphibians from all eras , they are civilians or military in constant 1/100 scale , the collection does not have a single theme within himself , drawing from the aircraft of pioner era , before World War I to modern models or the few contemporary civil aircraft and jet airboats.

To reach that goal , I'm worth everything, scratch , conversions , repainting , but buld directly reduced to 1/100 . I have in recent months acquired magazines and e -models on the theme .

Rapidly introduce models that already have this sub - collection with the topics here in

1. Convair F2Y - The Convair F2Y was developed as a supersonic air superiority fighter in the form of a airboat , is one of the fastest airboat have developed to date . This model is the Fiddlers Green and was built for the contest Fiddlers Green Modeling Madness .

FGMM Convair F2Y Sea Dart in 1/100 scale

2. Yokosuka E14Y - The E14Y was a small seaplane designed to be carried by submarines being rapidly assembled and disassembled and staying in a small hangar on the deck of some classes of Japanese submarines . The E14Y has the distinction of being the only aircraft of the Axis have managed to bomb the continental United States during World War II . This model is a scratchbuilding , and soon I make a new improved version.

Scratchbuilding Yokosuka E14Y Gleen in 1/100 scale

3. Grumman Windgeon - The Windgeon was a small amphibian designed by Grumman for the civilian market in the second half of the 30s . It was widely used during World War II to patrol, transport , ambulance for the allied nations . And were very popular after the Second World War on the civilian market . The model is Oddball

4. Fairey IIIF The III series is a derivative improved from WWI Fairey Campania I it was the 1st aircraft in the world designed to be operated from aircraft carriers . Considered one of the most important British aircraft of the interwar period. The Fairey III family had several developments and has been used by a large number of nations , with a great variety of plants and have versions with wheels and floats . The specimen pictured here is a Fairey III of the Portuguese Navy , and this exemplary " Santa Cruz " made ​​the final crossing of the trip Lisbon - Rio de Janeiro by the South Atlantic Ocean in 1922 . This model is the editor Lad N Dad , and for me it was repainted in the colors of this historic aircraft.

Fairey IIID Av. Naval Portuguesa "Santa Cruz" in 1/100 scale (Lad N Dad Repaint)

5. Consolidated PBY - 5 - The Catalina was the Airboat / Amphibian most produced in history , was designed in the second half of the 1930s and was widely used during World War II by the Allies . Was produced in the thousands . After the war it was used by various military and civilian operators until the 70s . The Catalina represented here is a repaint of Marek 's kit. Arara , the most famous Catalina FAB responsible for the sinking of U-199 off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in 1942.

PBY-5 Catalina "Arara" Repaint 1/100 scale

6. Curtiss Condor - The CT - 32 Condor was for some time the most modern commercial aircraft in the world, but was quickly superseded by other Americans as the Boeing 247 and DC-2/3 , was produced in small quantities. Loading a second version was designed specifically for this purpose , making it the world's first aircraft designed specifically to carry a load bulky. Only one Condor was built to operate with wheels / floats precisely this , the subject of the model that represents an aircraft used by Admiral Byrd on his Antarctic exploration . Oddball editor .

Curtiss Wright Condor build in 1/100 scale

7. Dornier Do- 18 - The Dornier Do 18 was a natural successor from Dornier Wal , an advanced ( for the time) airboat had numerous civilian and military versions , being operated by many navies and civilian companies in the 1930's Keeping the same configuration of the Wal, model 18 was originally designed as a postal plane to connect the Americas to Germany, but the advancement of the militarization of Germany quickly converted into a maritime patrol aircraft such exemplary D1 version used by the Luftwaffe in 1939 in Kiel . This model is originally from Modelcard , (actually reprinted by Modelik). I repainted and fix the old model Modelcard in GIMP and Photoshop.

Dornier Do-18D-1 1/100 scale
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