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Thank you for the advice.
Normally I would have start the built today but I have been too busy to do so. However I have taken some measurements and a few things just don't add up.
Certain parts have only two stars on the color parts (meaning they are laminated to about 0.5 mm (or just doubled, because they are printed on thick paper of about 0
.22 mm), but those parts are on the same 1 mm LC sheet and fit the slots in the frames.
I think it will be as you say something of try and fit in the end. Problem is me, myself and I... I originated in the world of plastic kits (both styrene and vacu-form), migrated to wood and now exploring (with a couple of unfinished/failed attempts, but those tight fitting parts from the styrene scene never leave my mind...

BTW : the 1mm LC are to my measurements 0,97 mm, so I suppose glueing the printed parts is out of the question anyway, right ?
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