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Originally Posted by Dancooper View Post
BTW : the 1mm LC are to my measurements 0,97 mm, so I suppose glueing the printed parts is out of the question anyway, right ?
I wouldn't say that. Generally the commercial kits call out the thickness of the board to be added to the color parts. This will result in a thickness of 1.25 mm (or there abouts). If the end result is to be an exact 1 mm the notations in the kit will say so (provided you can read Polish or translate the written part of the instructions).

Do you have some photos of the questionable parts both laser and printed for better reference and response to your question? Maybe a shot of one of the build diagrams as well?

You may find some additional guidance with my build of the freudenstein designed by the same designer as your loco: B2nT Freudenstein


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