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People may find me kind of weary to start, but that has a reason. A couple of days it was my birthday, and I was going to buy myself a nice RC helicopter for my birthday, however a couple of unexpected bills came in between, so I instead of that chopper I had to sattle with a paper model. My wife, however, whom has no income, has bought me a nice plastic kit of "Christine" (actually a 1958 Belvedere) even though she's not much into oldtimers as I am, while she really loves steam engines. So, while she spent her savings on that plastic kit, she still wants me to built this machine first... so of course I don't want to screw this up for her.

BTW : I love steam engines as well, but I don't drive them, even though I could apply for a free course, since I am a shunting engineer myself. The reason I don't apply for the free course, is that once I would get my license it wouldn't be a hobby anymore, the company would be able to put me on a service on one of those museum machines as a shift, without asking if this or that weekend would fit in my agenda.
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