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I knew I had uploaded Mirco's tutorial to the downloads section, and I knew I had uploaded all similar tutorials I had come across at the time, but I didn't remember there were four of them in the downloads department. Here they are:

Spoked wheels by Eric Goedkoop
Spoked wheels by Norman Gorn
Spoked wheels by Mirco
Spoked wheels by Alan G.

The downloads section of the site is a good place - if you manage to find your way through it. The search term "spoked wheels" in the search option on the first page of the downloads section would have brought you all four.

- L.

PS. The braided wire tip was a good one. Of course, reading this, we have just this day, and this time of that same day, returned from a bicycle tour to the recycling center, where I dumped a bicycle basket full of them, getting tired of them taking up space at home. And me facing a rather daunting rigging task. Go figure...
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