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???????? - ??????? - ?????? ?????

Cruise ships
?????????II? | ?????????????????

Mitsubishi commercial vehicles

????????? [???????????????? ????????]- KIDS DRAGONS
A whole lot of downloads, and these are great for Dayton Dragons fans as well.

If your browser can handle this flash heavy site, you can download a play town for your children and grand children

Toy high speed trains from Sanrio

Paper Cut Out Sunvisors from the Aomori Police Department

Boy's Day Carp Banners

A lot of links leading to paper models of Japanese cultural things

More simple bus models than you can shake a yaki-soba at

Paper models of smart rice cookers and toaster ovens. Unlike rice cookers in the US, hi end Japanese rice cookers have micro chips that compute environmental factors like temperature, humidity barometric pressure and moon phase so the rice is always perfectly cooked.

More simple train toys

Lighthouses of Japan

Saga City Buss

Japan Transoceanic Airlines

Yokohama buses

Another collection of links to papercrafts, scroll down to the bottom of the page

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