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John, I've got 7Zip installed, its just to get anything unzipped I have to open 7z up manually, then in its file window go find the file and then unzip it. With my older OS I could just click on the file and with 7z or rar it would open up automatically. So that's what I'm trying to get it to do.

To be real honest I'm not even sure I understand what you're talking about with this Portable Apps Folder and such. I get lost on what's already on the computer without adding more stuff. Most of the problems I'm having seem to be getting W10 to recognize and work with the programs. And it just seems to hate Nikon cameras.

If there was still support, I'd go back to W2000 or 95 in a minute. The only thing I've seen in W7 or W10 that I like and have used is the snipping tool. Everything else is just excess junk to me.
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