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Originally Posted by whulsey View Post
................... The only thing I've seen in W7 or W10 that I like and have used is the snipping tool. ....
THANKS for the heads up about the snipping tool!
I never knew it existed, I just tried it, it is a lot easier to use than a screen grab with prt sc/shift, pasting to a graphics program and cropping.

Originally Posted by whulsey View Post
To be real honest I'm not even sure I understand what you're talking about with this Portable Apps Folder and such.
The portable apps folder is just a program that holds all your portable programs and any other files you store in it. Since it is "portable", it can be stored on a thumb drive or CD/DVD, so you can take your programs and data and use them on other windows computers without changing the host computer registry.

After a messy problem with file association conflicts, and a trashed registry, I stopped associating most file types with a specific program and open the program first and then use it to open the file.
A long time ago I had programs fight to open a file and then I would get the BSOD. That may no longer be a problem with post Win98 Windows (when did I get so old?), but why take chances? I am cheap, and use a lot of freeware, so I might use several freeware programs one after another, to do something that could be done with just one payware program.
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