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Mr Toki

A new figure from Kujiracraft.
Mr. Toki of Pelican Epidanthosquitters from Toumon Friends (this is the machine translation).
A paper craft that can be moved by assembling a movable element body!
ペーパークラフト けものフレンズ トキ(可動Var.): *じらの工作部屋
The download is a multiclick-multipage process, the last thing to click on before the download starts is " こちら "
The first page of the site is
showing his current design and build of a fully articulated paper character with an internal skeleton, construction information and links to previous paper figures.
Some of the figures require esoteric double secret Japanese building techniques that are even more advanced and mystical than those required for a UHU02 model.

This is a Japanese web site, some of the advertisements that appear on the download link web pages are NSFW>

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