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Smile My Scissors and Planes Collection in 1/100 - Take 2

Friends! I have a another thread on the forum concentrate all my S&P builds, but since Photobucket change the policy of hosting, not all people see the pics. Because this I made another thread, show the new builds. My build collection at the moment is:

1. Supermarine S6B
2. Loire Nieuport LN-411
3. Mitsubishi A6M2K
4. Renard R31
5. Martin T4M1
6. Dassault Ouragan
7. Dassault Mystere IIC
8. Dassault Mystere IVB
9. Dassault Super Mystere
10. Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21UMD
11. Hispano HA-100 Triana
12. Vultee V-1 "Bombardero"
13. Yakovlev yak-15 "Feather"

Now a present new additions to my Collection:

Volume 14: Lavochkin La-15 "Fantail" a brother of MiG-15 (used the same engine), this model I build in meetings of my local modelling club. Is made without customizations, except of antenna wire.

Until the next
1/100 Fanatic!
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