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Stahlhart's CF-18A Hornet Tiger Meet 1991

Since I have done the Red Tiger, I said to myself why not the CF-18A Hornet Tiger Meet 1991? Different from the usual build process, first I start from the fuel tanks that are all petals for the cones, front and rear. If they are up to my satisfaction, then I'll continue to deal with the nose cone, also petals. If I don't succeed, I'll discontinue and go back to my other projects in soda/beer cans.

Well so far so good, just finished the central fuel/drop tank marked "Tiger Meet 1991". To build this, I have to cut the template up in three parts, petal cones front and rear and the central tubular body. After completing the cones, I glued them up to become a tank unit. Could have done better to hide the seams. Well, it has just passed the satisfactory level, but barely! Maybe the next two and the nose cone would be better. Whether this build will continue or otherwise depends on the appearance of the built petal cones for this kit!!! I have a feeling that I'm beginning to fall in love with petals, petals and petals.

That's it for now and I'm completed relaxed and need no rush like beta building for Aaron. That means it's gonna be a ssssnaillll-speed project.

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