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Former Cutting Made Easier - Silhouette Cutter

Inspired by MichaelS' P-26 thread, I ordered this attractive model from ecardmodels, scaled it down to 1/48, and proceeded to cut out the parts.

The formers were initially hand cut from cereal box cardboard, but I then made a duplicate set using my Silhouette-Curio cutter. What makes this process relatively easy is that this particular model (as all Marek) is sold in vector pdf format, so it's just a matter of dropping the file into the Silhouette's Studio software, Designer Edition ... which automatically translates the vectors into ready-to-cut lines!!

Note that the basic included Studio software must be upgraded to the Designer Edition - a $25 additional charge. Also, a deep cut blade will run another $11.00 (though not required for cutting cereal box cardboard). So total cost (at present) will be ~$160. Worth it? Yes, if you value your time and want precise and repeatable cuts (as for laminating)!

Of course the machine has many other paper modelling uses such as embossing, making fold lines, and cutting paint masks .

Gene K
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