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BruNo3156 is in the colors and markings of Groupe de Chasse 5/1 1n the 1938-39 time frame. I believe the camouflage scheme was applied during the Czechoslovak Crisis of 1939 that led to partial Anglo-French mobilization and culminated in the Munich Agreement of September 1938.

Incidentally, at least one Potez 633 took part in the little-known Franco-Thai conflict of November 1940 to January 1941. The Potez 633 was one of two or three (sources differ) originally purchased by China but seized by the French in Haiphong Harbor. It was used as the personal aircraft of Lieutenant-Colonel Pélisse, the commander of 42éme Groupe Aérien Autonome (one of four French air groups in Indochina in 1940-41). Some sources say the aircraft were 631Cs, but the one photograph I have found is a 633 based on the markings on the vertical stabilizers.

The Franco-Thai air conflict involved a number of interesting airplanes, as did other engagements by the Vichy Air Force (see Pablo’s thread on this at Fighting the wrong enemy, Armée de l'Air de l'armistice)

Source of Image 1: C-J. Ehrengardt.

Source of Image 2: P.A. Tilley, in MSW, “Vichy Air Force in Indochina.”


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MSW, “Vichy Air Force in Indochina,” Weapons and Warfare: History and Hardware of Warfare, available at
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