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I'm aware of the Emblaser, I'm also aware of the $3,000+ price tag for the current Emblaser 2. I haven't seen any mention anywhere of anyone even selling the original model but even second-hand it would probably be way out of my price range. Sorry if my original post didn't stress enough that I'm looking at the cheapest option available here, otherwise I'd consider buying a cheap chinese C02 laser or something.

I see the original emblaser was around 3 watt, so I'm assuming a 5.5watt laser addon for my 3D printer will cut 1mm cardboard, I'd just like to hear from someone who's done it.

I also want to know if it's going to be possible to scan and cut basic parts sheets like formers etc. I don't want to cut printed parts, I just want to scan parts, send them as gcode to the printer and have the laser cut them at the same size. I'm hoping to hear from people who have done this, and can explain how they do it.
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