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Sorry Jaffro I only saw this now.

No it's not normally possible to directly cut a scanned part (okay it is possible but not normally done). The catch is that one need a vectorised pattern as that is what the cut head follows, and automatic raster-to-vector conversions aren't something to be relied on, as in, you want your circle to come out a circle, and not as a jagged circle-ish thing.

I always trace my own scans, especially formers. If you design your own part from scratch, chances are it'll be in vector format too. There are plenty of free vector software to use for this. So it's not a one-click job, but still much easier than having to cut everything by hand.

As to hardware, I can offer no advice... I've heard bad thing about low power laser, so if I ever had to choose I'd look for a pay-per-use service rather than buying a low-end cutter myself.
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