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Status of Collection

Like I made in Scissors and Planes I list my collection and intention of builds, the list is ver very long, because I build models from Aaron since 2009, some are destroyed and not listed others need to replace...

My Oddball Collection

1. Consolidated PB-2
2. Curtiss CT-32 Condor
3. Martin WB-57
4. Mitsubishi F1M2 "Pete" (Green Version)
5. Grumman Windgeon (Civil)
6. Tsybin NM-1
7. Curtiss AT-9 Jeep
8. North American B-45 Tornado
9. Lockheed P-38F Lightning
10. Nord Gryfon
11. Avro Delta
12. Aeropastiale Super Frelon
13. North American AJ-1 Savage
14. Martin P4M-1 Mercator (Need replace for better build and repaint)
15. Hughes MD 500 (Detetive Paradise)
16. Kawazaki Ki-10 (Need replace for better build and repaint)
17. Nakajima Type 91
18. Nakajima Type 91 (Ksangi Republic Air Force)
20. Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
21. Curtiss XP-31
22. MiG-15 (Red Falcons)
23. Blackburn AD Scout

My Murph's Models Collection

1. Heinkel He-70F-2 (Luftwaffe Splinter)
2. Burnelli CBY-3
3. Douglas A3D-1 Skywarrior
4. Sikorsky S-40
5. Lockheed F-104N (NASA Late scheme)
6. Lockheed F-104G (Marine)
7. Lockheed F-104G (Starfighters)
8. Lockheed F-104C (USAF)
9. Lockheed CF-104 (RCAF Tiger Meet)
10. Handley Page O/400
11. Northrop BT-1
12. Northrop BT-1 (Gray CAG Aircraft)
13. Focke Wulf FW-189 Uhu (white scheme)
14. Focke Wulf FW-189 Uhu (camo scheme)
15. Bristol Blenhein MkIF
16. Aichi D3A1
17. Aichi D3A2
18. Savoia Marchetti SM-79I Sparviero
19. Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
20. Focke Wulf FW-44 (Finland)
21. Focke Wulf FW-44 (Swiss)
22. Focke Wulf FW-44 (Romenian)
23. Focke Wulf FW-44 (Luftwaffe pre war scheme)
24. Focke Wulf FW-44 (Brazilian Navy)
25. SPAD XIII (Guynemeyer)
26. SPAD XIII (Rickenbaker)
27. SPAD XIII (Frank Luke Jr.)
28. Curtiss B-2 Condor (Need replace several damaged in the move)
29. Junkers J-1 (Camo Scheme)
30. Junkers J-1 (Sand/Green Scheme)
31. Noorduyn Noserman (Civil)
32. Noorduyn Noserman (Canadian Civil with floats)
33. Noorduyn Noserman (USAAC UC-64)
34. F&W 3605 (Swiss Air Force)
35. F&W 3605 (Civil Warbird)
36. F&W 3605 (Civil Glider Tug)
37. Mitsubishi Ki-1
38. Zvesno Aviamatka (Need replace (one day) wrong colors)
39. Ryan L-17
40 Ryan Navion
41. Eurocopter AS 350 (Brazilian Navy Esquilo)
42. Martim PBM-5 Mariner (Outdated build need replace and recolor)
43. Martim PBM-5A Mariner (Outdated build need replace and recolor)
44. Mitsubishi Ki-30
45. Kawazaki Ki-32
46. Kawanish H6K4
47. Kawanish J7W1 Shinden
48. Heinkel He-59D-1 (D-ARIX)
49. Heinkel He-59D-1 (Luftwaffe)
50. Douglas TBD-1 Devastator (Midway On permanent CCCP display)
51. Douglas B-18 Bolo
52. Douglas B-18C Bolo
53. Diamond DA-40
54. CANT Z1018 Leone
55. CANT Z501 Gabbiano (Need replace several damaged in the move)
56. Boeing Preagnant Guppy (Need replace several damaged in the move)
57. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker
58. Boeing E-3 Sentry
59. Boeing KC-135(Need replace several damaged in the move)
60. Douglas A-1 Skyraider (USN Vietnan)
61. Douglas A-1 Skyraider (USN Korea)
62. Douglas A-1 Skyraider (South Vietnan Air Force)
63. Aerocommander U-4B (USAF)
64. Aerocommander U-4B (USAF - Air Force One)
65. North American P-51H (Early) Mustang
66. Vought XF8U Crusader
67. Vought F8U-1 Crusader (USN)
68. Vought F8U-1 Crusader (Drone Controller)
69. Vought F8U-1 Crusader (NASA FBW Lab)
70. Breda 88 Lince
71. Pilatus PC-7 (Chilean Navy)
72. Pilatus PC-7 (Swiss Air Force)
73. Pilatus PC-7 (South Africa Air Force)
74. Yermolaev Yer 2
75. Petlyakov Pe-8 (Need replace (one day) wrong colors)
76. North American FJ-4B Fury (USMC)
77. North American FJ-4B Fury (USN Drone controller)
78. North American BT-9C (USAAC)
79. North American NA-46 (Brazilian Navy)
80. Fouga Magister (Brazilian Air Force - Esquadrilha da Fumaša)
81. Fouga Magister (Civil)
82. Lockheed F-104N (NASA early color scheme)
83. North American AJ-1 Savage (NASA)
84. Grumman J4F-1 Windgeon (USCG)
85. Witteman-Lewis XBTN-1
86. North American XF-86H Sabre
87. North American F-86H Sabre
88. MiG-25 (Outdated build need replace and recolor)
89. Hall PH-3 (USN)
90. Hall PH-3 (USCG)
91. Dassault Falcon (FEDEX)
91. Grumman HU-25 Guardian (USCG)
92. Grumman HU-25 Guardian (NASA Clima Lab)
93. USS Akron
94. Lockheed U-2B (NASA)
95. Lockheed U-2B (CIA)
96. Lockheed U-2B (USAF)
97. Convair XP-82 early
98. Convair XP-82 late
99. North American T-39 Sabreliner
100. North American Sabreliner
101. Lockheed A-12 Blackbird (NASA)
102. Lockheed A-12 Blackbird (CIA)
103. Lockheed M-21 Drone System
104. Lockheed YF-12 Blackbird
105. Yokosuka D4Y2 "Judy"
106. Tupolev Tu-22M3 (Need replace several damaged in the move)
107. MiG-19C (VVS Red Falcons)
108. MiG-19C (VVS)
109. MiG-19C (East German Air Force)
110. Shenyang F-6 Early
111. DHC Dash 8 (Civil Flybe)
112. DHC E-9 Widget (USAF)

My Fiddlers Green/Murph's Models Collection

1. Ford C-4 Trimotor
2. Curtiss A-8 Shrike
3. Curtiss A-12 Shrike
4. Douglas TBD-1 Devastator (Pre War On permanent CCCP display)
5. RQ-1 Predator

My Texas Tailwheel Association/Murph's Models Collection

1. North American P-51H Mustang (Texas National Air Guard)

My Recolors and Mods from Fiddlers Green (Aarron Designs)/Oddball/Murph's Models Collection

1. MiG-15 (VVS in China 1951)
2. MiG-15 (Soviet Defector 1956)
3. Martin 139WH-3 (ML-KNIL 1942)
4. Martin 139WAN (Armada Argentina 1939).
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