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I continue with the hull planks and built and added the knees at the bow and stern and also the keel.

Bremen Cog - 1/72 scale Shipyard kit-img_0502.jpg

Afterwards, I noticed that a pair of the planks slipped out of place as the glue was drying. This created a gap in the planks that required repair. I used a scalpel blade to cut underneath the planks, and reglued them.

Bremen Cog - 1/72 scale Shipyard kit-img_0503.jpg Bremen Cog - 1/72 scale Shipyard kit-img_0505.jpg

The repair went well, but planks in the new position are a bit too long, and I don't know why. I will cut them to length and will have to re-paint the nails in the ends.
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