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1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design

its been a long time since i last tried my hand at designing, but i feel like ive learned a lot just from building more models and i figured id give it another shot

After only 2 days of working on it, its started to take shape so i figured id share the current status of the first prototype (please emphasizs prototype, the finished model will be a lot neater, digital, and have full color and panel lines--this is essentially just making sure the parts fit).
Taking from brunos 1/100 f-14, i got the wings to have adjudtable sweep. I will also redesign the aftmost portion of the fuselage as i am not happy with how it came out. I also still need to design the canopy, which will give the top of the plane a much less 'flat' feel, and smaller details like the landing gear and fuel tanks. As for adding panel lines to curved surfaces, im truthfully not very experienced at all in that regard, so i am open to any help in that area of expertise however, i will do my best to get the model satisfactorily completed regardless!
I do intend to make it free for download as well

1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20200727_024050.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20200727_024022.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20200727_024002.jpg
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