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Small update, quarterdeck and first layer of main deck closed framing from the top. I've deviated a bit with build sequence from parts numbering and created first windows. I've also started to cover hull with first (of three) layer of skin.
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Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_101512_3740.jpg   Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_101622_3761.jpg   Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_101656_3773.jpg   Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_102336_3791.jpg   Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_102311_3788.jpg  

Saettia - WAK 7-8/2015, 1:100-d7200_20200927_101548_3749.jpg  
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