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Thanks WireAndPaper! If you ever have time to build, I would love to see!
I actually had time this morning to put together a quick build and discover a few flaws, the most notable of which being:
1)The nose cone is slightly too big for the front of the fuselage
2)The top part of the fuselage does not extend far enough to meet the engine exhaust housing
3)still not entirely satisfied with the canopy's shape
Other than that though, not bad! I will play around with inkscape some more and fix these issues, then add some more details
1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201006_144446.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201006_144513.jpg1/200 Su-24 Fencer -- design-20201006_144522.jpg
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