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Lightbulb Thread Subscriptions - new idea

Hello All,

I thought of a couple of ideas...

1) it would be a great idea to be able to see who is subscribed to what threads?

This way we can compare what writing styles are better than others.

The author also knows who specifically is really interested as opposed to knowing only how many views there has been.

Under your profile where it says 'Threads started by XXXX', find the thread, and see how many subscribers you have beside each thread.

Possibly get a notification when someone subscribes to your thread??

2) be able to check on which threads you yourself have subscribed to.

This way we can scroll back over threads that we were interested in but the threads themselves may have lost momentum.

It could appear under statistics.

If you look at YouTube and note how much significance some people give to their 'following' as opposed to their views, we can see that the presenters/narrators are interested in boosting their readership, and are so inspired to improve the content.

(In other words, I have a long, long way to go!!! But at least I know that without the stats!)

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