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This is the biggest problem with the internet...especially social media sites and sites like youtube...
the focus is on status...not content or value.

Everyone is more concerned with how many "likes" or followers than who is actually paying attention and why.

I can understand, when you monetize, you are looking for viewers so you can earn more rewards.
But this has become the only thing that matters.

There are so many so-called "celebrities" with twitter accounts that have millions and millions of followers.
They make millions of dollars from Twitter for the views and number of followers (advertising revenue).
They offer no real content of any value to anyone, but it doesn't matter
...for the masses the goal is to be one of the nameless, unknown, and unimportant part of the herd.

I have a few paper model related videos, so I have a youtube account
and its nice to see how many times one of my videos has been viewed,
but its not important to me to know who has viewed it.
Those that actually subscribe to my channel are clear to me, and thats good enough.

But on a forum, its all about replies and responses.
When you post a reply, it automatically 'subscribes" you to that thread.
But its your post that alerts the author to your interest and presence.
This isn't twitter...a forum is all about discussion and feedback.
A long list of thread lurker's names doesn't really serve any purpose to me.

And a lot of those lurkers want to remain you would have to give them the option of remaining anonymous
...and that would defeat the point of a list (since it would be incomplete).

As far as subscribed threads, you do have a complete list of those already at your disposal.

Or has that changed?

Look at the top right menu and click on "Quick Links"
Find "Subscribed Threads"

I just checked mine...I am subscribed to 3543 threads, and they're all listed.
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