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Thanks for shooting me down in flames merely for making a suggestion!

I think you seem to make the point yourself ‘Those that actually subscribe to my channel are clear to me, and thats good enough.’ This is exactly my idea here. Those that actually subscribe. No celebs. No money.

This is hardly mainstream social media. I take your point, that people - on social media - are more concerned with ‘likes’, monetization, but that is clearly not the case here. Nor is it about being a celebrity as you correctly say. I agree that one of the aims is about replies and responses but see many of the ‘responses’ are not so much a comment/feedback/observation about what has been written, more of a comment for the sake of making it. However could it not also be to see which members have subscribed?

I think it is interesting from the point of view of the author to be able to see which members are subscribed (like you say about your YouTube channel) as opposed to how many views, and I don’t need to know their identity either, I’m not at all interested in fact. Lurkers would be – most of us here, right?

Anyhow - suggestion made -, and people have their views about it which is quite fair enough too.

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