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I think you are quoting me out of context there. There is no 'literary contest' and I am surprised you put that interpretation on it. I agree with you in that the visuals are at least as important as are the comments and critique, nonetheless I would find that interesting.

I thought it would be another way to monitor our own threads. There can be ways of monitoring ones own posts, and - like Dave said himself, about his own YouTube channel - he considers the subscribers.
[I]Those that actually subscribe to my channel are clear to me, and thats good enough.[I] I had the same viewpoint.

The aim for me in the first instance is simply to be aware of who is following, from one thread to the next.

Want to see who's subscribed to a thread? Read the thread (or scroll and watch the left-side column).
Unless I'm mistaken you can't see all subscribers by reading it - I can subscribe, read, enjoy - but not post.

Hahaha!!! Very funny!!


Come on - I'll take you all on!!!!
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