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Thats not what I said....

youtube is a video site...where I post videos and don't usually engage in discussion or ask for feedback.

This is a public forum...a place to discuss, comment, respond, feedback, debate, where I do engage in (written)verbal activities..

Two different entities.
Please don't use my choices at youtube as an indicator of what I expect here.

While I do look at the identity of the limited number of individuals that have subscribed to my video channel (at youtube), I wait for comments, responses and feedback.
From that I can establish who is "following" my work and showing any interest in what I have to offer.
I don't care if they actually subscribed to my threads or not.
(Although a comment, by default, does subscribe them)

I do not want to know the identities of any and all that subscribe to any of my threads.
Thats pointless information to me.

There are people here who "ignore" my threads...I don't want to know their names either! lol
But what about those who don't like me and subscribe to my threads just to monitor what I say so they can crawl out of their holes to sling mud?
Why would I want a list that includes them?! LOL

I didn't mean to "shoot you down in flames".
Was just giving my opinion on your topic.
Its all good.

Anyone seen my boat? I think it needs debarnacling. (Is that a word?)
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