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Hello everybody,

then let's go into the 10th year with fresh courage!

And you won't believe it, but the Crawler lighting still won't let me go, so whether we like it or not, I have to come back once again to the STS-28 photo.

In addition to the red circled lamps at the front and back of the JEL Cylinders, there were still a few others that I have not yet followed up.


And that concerns in particular to the lamp marked blue next to the lamp marked red. The lamps circled in yellow do not belong to the crawler, but are located on the Pedestals, as I have seen on other photos and could possibly be added as a LED circle into the Pad Lighting, if the power bank could still cope with it.

So I've gone into the matter of the blue marked lamp again more exactly and found it on this photo of the STS-6, as one can see in this photo, albeit only blurred.

Source: (jacqmans)

That's why I've traced the STS-6 track further and also watched the Rollout video again. And there I came across this Sequence (7:46), on the screenshot of which one can see the blue circled lamp next to the red circled lamp on the front of the JEL Unit, which is located on the side wall.

Much more precisely one can see these lamps on photos in the Crawler Report (HEAR FL-8-11-C), as on this Photo (JPEG (334 kb) here,

Source: Library of Congress (HAER FL-8-11-C-9)

if one knows that there is also always a HiRes. (TIFF (38.9 mb) for all photos in this report, which one can study in detail to your heart's content, as I did first of all for the front corner Corner A.

And on it one can see both the lamp on the front of the JEL Unit (the same lamp is on the back too) and the lamp on the side wall to the left of the ladder.

And at the rear corner Corner D with the driver's cab one will find the same arrangement of the lamps, as well as at the corners Corner B & C.

As a result, 4 more lamps are added to my previous Inventory, which brings me to a total of 44 lamps, but which would exceed the maximum possible number of the designed Crawler electronics of 42 lamps.
Therefore I've decided to modify the lamp distribution as follows:

This now results in the following final Crawler lighting, which contains 42 Lamps + 2 Beacons, which are distributed on the following 6 LED circuits:

Corner A-D: each 7 = 28
Side 1/2-3/4: each 7 = 14
+ 2 Beacons

And it will stay that way. Rien ne va plus - Nothing works anymore!

Greetings from Germany
Under construction:
Launch Pad 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144)

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