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Hello everybody,

now that the number of LEDs for the Crawler lighting is clarified, I wanted to get things straight concerning the size of the lamps to see whether it's possible to scratch them ever.

And for this I've found this photo (JPEG, 334 kb) in the Crawler Report (HEAR FL-8-11-C), on which one can see the outer Truck lighting, which consists of three lamps.

Source: Library of Congress (HAER FL-8-11-C-13)

However, I will only scratch the larger, downward-hanging lamp, as three LEDs in a confined space would otherwise totally flood this place with their brightness, which would only be seen as one light spot anyway.

From this direct photo I might determine the dimensions of the lamp, for which I would, as always, need a Reference dimension, which I determined from this NASA drawing of the truck, which is also included in the Crawler Report.

Source: Library of Congress (HAER FL-8-11-C-32)

And with the height of the truck body (14 mm) as a reference dimension, I have determined the dimensions of this lamp from the HiRes. image (TIFF, 38,4 mb) of this photo, which shows how tiny it should actually be, especially since I also would still have to somehow place the LED-0401 (1,0 mm x 0,3 mm x 0,5 mm) ...

For this the smallest ferrule (0.5x6), that I have, would come into question, with 1,4 mm (sleeve) and a small shade ( 2,0 mm),

what would be almost too big, or a brass tube with 1,2 mm, possibly slightly widened in front.

Maybe I can come across with something better ...

Greetings from Germany
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