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Dmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72

Quite a few years ago, I decided I wanted to build a Flanker (and asked around for some recommendations, as you can probably find in my posting history). I started working on the Su-27 from P.Model but became dissatisfied with it because it lacked detail and didn't seem that accurate.

So then I convinced myself that I could build one of Dmitry Udalov's Flankers (designed in 1:33) reduced to my preferred scale of 1:72. The one I chose was the Su-27SKM, and I bought it from Ecardmodels. It isn't available there anymore but I think it can be found at бумажные модели.

I made some decent progress on the model, but at some point I got a pretty bad water or glue stain on it and then couldn't get my printer to print a replacement part with matching colors (the ink cartridges had probably been changed). So I scrapped what I had and started over with a new printout, but because of the impact on morale as well as other things I had going on, I didn't make it very far into the second attempt before shelving it for a long while.

I finally started working on it again earlier this year, and I think I've made enough progress (significantly more than in my first attempt) that I can show what I have.

This model seems well-engineered; a lot of the interior structure is very elaborately designed. I'm sure this is much appreciated at the intended 1:33, but at 1:72 (less than half of the original), it sometimes feels like overkill, although it is still satisfying to make everything come together.

Dmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72-pxl_20201120_102332420.jpgDmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72-pxl_20201122_125015817.jpg

As it takes shape, you start getting an idea of how big the Su-27 is...

Dmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72-pxl_20201209_005533091.jpgDmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72-pxl_20201210_021653477.jpgDmitry Udalov's Su-27SKM in 1:72-pxl_20201223_034915816.jpg

I'm trying to avoid a repeat of the earlier disaster by keeping my hands dry and clean and being careful where I set things down. Some minor damage has already occurred, but so far I've been able to hide it adequately with some manual coloring.

I'm not the most talented builder and the reduced scale is only making it harder, so there are a lot of imperfections in my build in general. (For one thing, I think the entire fuselage is a little crooked, but I'm hoping that won't really be noticeable when the whole thing is done.) I found another build of this Su-27SKM by na120372 (in 1:33) that is probably a much better demonstration of how well it can be built.

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