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3D Model Printing Services

So, I've had a running project for a few years now to build the active duty US UAV drones. This has been a multi discipline project including plastic, resin and paper all in 1:48 scale. So far I've completed the MQ-1A, MQ-8B and MQ-8C, MQ-9, RQ-4, RQ-7, and CQ-10 and RQ-170 (although I'm still tweaking those last two as they are my own designs). There's a few that I'm missing but really want to include: the MQ-1C Grey Eagle, RQ-2 Pioneer, MQ-5 Hunter specifically. There are few options if any in these kits except in 3D printing.

There are several examples available online of digital 3D models, some better than others. In addition, I do not own a 3D printer, so I would need to have a service print the model for me. Since this is uncharted territory, I'm very hesitant - AND there is a huge cost for some of those services. I was quoted a range of $20USD for a RQ-2 of basic quality or $100+ for the fine print version from a seller on Shapeways. Not that $100 will give me panel lines or fine details on the landing gear/instruments though. It just means, I guess, less sanding and shaping.

I'm just not convinced that this option make sense. Have any of you had experience with 3D printing services?
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