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Originally Posted by airdave View Post
I have thought many times about creating a package of Track Accessories as paper model kits.

I think Frog and Airfix made Race Car buildings as plastic kits in the early 60s.
I owned AFX stuff myself in the 80s.
And of course, 1/32 slot cars are all the rage.

But then I found a few designers creating slot car accessories,
so I wasn't sure about a retail market.

And I couldn't decide on a I let the idea slide repeatedly.
I may pick up the idea once again sometime in the future.

It will be fun to see what you come up with.
But why 1/50?
Are you literally just creating the "Track"?
Or things that go on a "track layout"?
Have you considered HO scale?
Thats what AFX is supposed to be...
although I think AFX cars are much bigger than that...I think they are 1/64

If I do try to make track accessores in paper, I will use 1/64.
That way they can be enlarged to 1/32 by doubling.
Hi Dave, I plan on doing everything from pits to barriers, signs to trackside vehicles. I am using 1/50 purely because my main interests are 60,s F1 and sports cars and motor bike side car outfits all of which are difficult to fit in 1/64. Everything I design should be easy to re scale to 1/64 for AFX, Tyco etc.
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