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Stampe sv4c rothmans 1/33

Hello all,
some will be surprised by the inactivity of my site for a few months, and yet....
A question came to my mind: how much work are the models proposed by editors like GPM, Modelik, Answer or others.
To the choice of the original airplane (so that the operation is a minimum an interesting case) is added the documentation research, the conception and the drawing of the model, then all the work of writing the assembly instructions and its illustration, without forgetting the illustration of the cover!
After a period during which I devoted myself to my 1/66 scale, I felt the desire to make a new foray into the 1/33, a perfect opportunity to attempt the adventure.
My choice was the legendary Stampe for several reasons. First of all, I have a documentation on the subject which has been growing steadily since my first model drawn a few years before. I love this plane.
This plane has everything to please: a biplane with a well-stayed bracing, with particularly thin wing and tail profiles (aerobatics obliges), a large cockpit perfectly accessible to a somewhat inquisitive glance, and, cherry on top, a hood with a particularly curved nose that should not to be ashamed of those of Cleopatra, but how difficult it is to model correctly in paper.
In addition, the choice of an original or even famous livery is easy, so much he has covered with it. For my part, it will be the one of the Rothmans acrobatic team, one of the most beautiful in my eyes. "It's sound like a lot"!
So this is the end of the adventure, after eight months during which I was able to spend a significant number of hours to it (coronavirus obliges).
The folder contains everything that I thought should be in it:
- Illustrated history of the plane in general, and of the selected model in particular.
- A clear and sufficiently illustrated manual for a good understanding. As far as I'm concerned, instructions and comments are bilingual (French/English).
- cards well distributed with a certain logic.
- An attractive cover with pictures of the mounted model.

As for what happens next?
I don't know yet. As the model will be part of the ones I will present in future model exhibitions, I will probably offer the boards at a fair price.It is true that it is addressed to paper modelers already experienced but can't we dream a little by imagining to divert from the right path one of these modelers who are adept at plastic models?

Regards .....and sorry for my english!

semper altius serate fessus
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