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Smile ...update

Hello U-2 fans!

Just wanted to give you a bit of update on the project.

What I got done within Jan/Feb is the main part of the G-H segment.
This is one main part with two smaller bits for the top (just behind the cabin).

The two gray shapes will need a bit of correction as I to fit properly with air intakes.

By the way I couldn't do much more because last couple of weeks my job changed onto the permanent nights shifts and the whole live is now some kind of upside down.

In the next step (after the corrections) I will enlarge the whole bits 2x and will try to fit them - a bit of trial and error process.

However with the current situation I can't say when it is going to happen, but I can honestly say I am working on my projects on my little laptop whenever is possible

All the best

kind regards
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