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Originally Posted by Gerry1966 View Post
Unfortunately, piracy is never avoided by any author. When I worked as a graphic designer for the GP Team (Formula 1 models), we published our models first printed. Even so, there were always "clever" people who at least scanned them and spread the scans, despite the deteriorating quality. If we pointed out that they were stealing, they laughed at us.
Now that I work for my studio, I've come to terms with the fact that someone always steals my job. I do not aim to make a living from it, it is enough for me if the earnings from the models pay me the cost of construction and also pay the models of other authors for my needs. I make models mainly for fun - myself and others.
Hi Jaromir,
The statement from you is very true and probably many have experienced the same regarding this piracy thing. Its seems that fact is more stranger than fiction and this applies in this topic too.

No matter what is done, there are always methods of bypassing the security measures set for the papermodel designs.

"If someone steals one's creation, Be proud that the creation was worth stealing"

Have great days folks.
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