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Question 1952 Daimler Ferret Mk-1 - scaling issues...

Hi all, I have created a Daimler Ferret and I am having some issues scaling it. I am using Blender to model the vehicle to 1:1 scale according to the repair and user manuals. And Pepakura to unfold and layout.

When I start building I print 3 scale sizes to make sure everything assembles correctly. But it is always a little over twice as big as the scale should be. The Ferret should be smaller than the 1:87 Nova Van, it was exported as 1:87 scale.

Here are some Photos showing how off the scale is
1952 Daimler Ferret Mk-1 - scaling issues...-img_20210330_055751755.jpg
1952 Daimler Ferret Mk-1 - scaling issues...-img_20210330_060011889.jpg

Should I be exporting my model to obj as 1:1 full scale, then use Pepakura to scale it? Appreciate any help.

Here is what it should actually look like when completed.

1952 Daimler Ferret Mk-1 - scaling issues...-1952-daimler-ferret-mk-1_render-001.jpg
1952 Daimler Ferret Mk-1 - scaling issues...-1952-daimler-ferret-mk-1_render-002.jpg
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