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Hello everybody,
after my Easter bunny was scampering on, I've picked out the necessary 57 Pins for assembling the Crawler chain,

and so the first 26 Chain links were put together.

As it quickly turned out, however, this arrangement is unfavorable for threading the pins into the Pin lugs, as one needs some freedom of movement for being able to position the tweezers with the pin exactly in front of the opening. That's why I've then switched to a pinning of pairs of the chain links.

But since the threading of the pins did not work right away, as a precaution I've aligned the first Pin Lugs of the pairs something with the drill ( 0,4 mm) that made things easier.

Then the pairs were connected to one another, whereby the pins had to be inserted in with great care in order to prevent the 6 mm long pins from jamming or even jumping out of the tweezers.

After the first half of the chain was pinned together this way,

the second half was next in line,

with which finally the first of the 8 Crawler chains was finished.

With it only 7 Chains left over.

Greetings from Germany
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