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Originally Posted by Don Boose View Post
It turned out beautifully. Even the different-colored wing center section looks quite natural - like the result of weathering or the replacement of fabric on the wing.

Thanks Don, in fact I like the effect too, but is a acidental

Originally Posted by Llaut Mallorquin View Post
Very nice gomidefilho model.

I probably buy it and make it, but in blue and yellow

I once surprised my cat with a thread coming out of his mouth.

I went to the rescue and pulling carefully so as not to damage his esophagus,I took out more than a meter of string.

Greetings and take care of your cat

My three cats are terrible, but I rescue the piece fast but is too late.

I buy Blue and Yellow version too with floats (have in this thread) Condor is a nice model.
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