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Diderick - thank you very much for that explanation. Very interesting. If and when I can ever get to the Netherlands again, I will certainly make certain I pay the museum a visit.


Early printing is certainly fascinating - I have been fortunate enough to see an early iron hand press used at a mission station in Kuruman. It was brought to South Africa in 1825 and used regularly until 1882. It is still operable and used from time to time, and because they saw I was interested when I was there, they actually printed a couple of sheets for me.

The history surrounding it is especially fascinating - it was used by the Rev Moffat whose daughter married David Livingstone (he was a Minister at that station). He also used to set out on his expeditions to the interior from here - the remains of the old road to "the Interior" are still visible.

The first Bible to be printed in Africa was also printed on this press!
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