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Hi Rob, the shorter of the two masts is the radio aerial which sits on top of the fuselage behind the cockpit in line with the end of the glazing; can be seen on the profiles and I have drawn both sides for full colour.

The other one is something to do with an indicator for altitude at low level/landing - a tube down which a landing lead was lowered, so that when it touched the ground the pilot knew how close he was - and I have drawn front and back plus front and rear views; I just cut out one side and glued it to thick card, then reinforced with pva, carved and sanded to shape as best I could and then painted with watercolour.

The cut outs in the fuselage underside I puzzled over for a long time; from photos they don't appear to be glazed and look as if any glazing would have been at cockpit floor level, so I just cut them out and let them like that at this scale. Both these and the landing lead were presumably to do with compensating for the poor view from the cockpit.

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