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Hello everybody,

so then again I've cleaned the Headset glasses, looked at the clock (12:30 pm), and got started the assembly of the 4th Crawler chain.

12:30 pm: Separation of the 57 Track shoes

12:45 pm: Deburring the Track shoes & pair formation

1:05 pm: Pre-drilling of the Pin lugs & Pinning of the pairs (deburring of the pins)

1:35 pm: Pinning the chain & deburring of the pins

For the pinning these two tweezers were used, whereby the pins were inserted with the wide tweezers into the Pin Lugs, the position of which could be corrected with the pointed tweezers, which were then pushed in all the way to the stop.

At 2:17 pm, after approx. 1 h, the 4th Chain was finally finished.

BTW, my preliminary estimate was approx. 1,5 h, so I wasn't that bad at all.

Now half of the 8 Chains are done, wherewith only approx. 7 h of pure construction time lie ahead of me without interruption, but which I will still manage too.

Greetings from Germany
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