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Low Poly Space Shuttle Take Off scene


After completing and really enjoying my first large - low poly - colored paper model (Fokker Triplane here), I want to do another project using the same technic but a little more ambitious this time.

The project is a model of the Space Shuttle (at least a simplified cartoonish low poly version of it) while taking off.

I believe it will be like 50 cm high, so that's even larger than the 42 cm Triplane. It should be able to stand by sing the flames from the boosters.

Here's my idea in 3D:

I have already separated the project in parts: the Shuttle itself, the tank and the boosters with the "flames" stand and made the initial work with Pepakura so I am ready to move to the stage of creating the final lines to printe the model.

This work is done using my favorite vector based desgin software and will take some time but I hope I will be ready to prototype in only a few weeks, if work and family affairs allow me to

Thanks for watching!
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