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Old Czech House

Oft has been the time I've admired the work of others here (you know who you are) who have posted pictures of models from the Czech children's magazine ABC. So as I have a small stack of the magazines I thought I'd have a go and see how it went. I picked up a copy at random - no.3, 1987 since you ask - and made a start on the first model I came across. Which happened to be this old house. I'm assuming that it's a farmhouse as there seems to be plenty of storage space on the ground floor, but a lack of big enough entry points on this level for machinery or livestock suggests that the house attends a farm for crops of some sort. Vines? Perhaps a friendly Czech speaker can translate the legend on the back for me.

The parts are mostly quite small and they were crammed like sardines all over the pages so quite a bit of forward thinking was required before I got my head round it, despite the excellent diagrams. It turned out to be a joy to do. The base measures 15.5 x 10.5 cm. Oh, and the gated fence is a diorams accessory found in the same issue.
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