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The Ye-6/2 was the 2nd prototype of the MiG-21F "Fishbed-B". It was later modified as a weapons testbed with double-delta wings and wingtip missiles as part of the MiG-21F-13 "Fishbed C" development program. The improvements in performance weren't enough for the configuration to be applied to the production MiG-21F-13.

I haven't modified the base of the fin. Basically, it's made for a 4-segment fuselage, not one with 3) so there's still a tiny gap between the fin and the fuselage but I can live with it. Adding a line going in the middle of the central section helps with positioning the spine/fin. Cutting with only one change of angle instead of 2 and adding the fin to the fuselage before the wings helps too. The revised nose centerpiece is easier to install but it sticks out a bit too much on this one. I pushed too much. I'll keep it like this though.

What should I build next ? Egyptian F-7B ? Iraqi F-7B (which is clearly an F-7M, not a B) ? Or one of the Bangladeshi ones (F-7MB/F-7BG/F-7BGI) ? Maybe the "Have Doughnut" MiG-21F-13 ? US or Iraqi markings?
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