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09 Middle Passerelle Deck? - No

Thank you Don, Fred, Renaud and Ab.

My discussions with Don, Fred and Renaud have helped bring more clarity to some of the details discussed previously. Continued study of the drawings have revealed that the parts I was interpreting as a middle “passerelle” deck were more likely framework for the top deck. So image number 48 is not correct. Also, the top deck has now been modified. A more precise approach is to create the elements that I am certain of, such as capstans, stored boats, ladders and several small cabins. Perhaps then I can add a few other minor details that these things would have required.

Image 50 is a good view of the new dust cover (Plexiglas, wood and screws). The large round black card objects are the four barbettes for the 13.4-inch guns. Images 52, 53 and 54 show my ladder device in action. The top piece slides forward and backward as the steps are installed to the frame. The yellow pieces of paper seen on the device are “post-it-note” material. The adhesive is perfect for holding the parts in place while the glue dries. The ladders and the cabins are made of paper.

I may be pausing at this point to wait for some additional “new” information being sent to me by Renaud. I am looking forward to seeing it.

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