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Lunch-break build. Parts cut & assembled during lunch-break, final assembly tonight after work.

This one is an Iraqi F-7B (or rather F-7M). I should probably change the missiles to PL-7 (ie R.550 Magic) or to some rocket pods. I didn't realize I had used the same green and tan as on the Syrian Fishbed C. I'll probably change the colors on the Syrian example. The tan should be darker.

I don't think these iraqi F-7 were ever used in combat. The Iraq-Iran war had just ended when they became operational and they had been reassigned to ground attack missions.

The next one will be from the Bangladesh Air Force but maybe not an F-7, rather a MiG-29 or an L-39ZA. I'm not sure the 3D gunpod I designed for the L-39ZA can actually be built at this scale.
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