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As already revealed, I've been struggling a bit with a Koolwheelz version of the new Bat-car from the upcoming Batman movie.
the movie has been pushed back again, to a March 2022 release, because of the pandemic.

Being such a huge Batman fan, I can't wait....I enjoy all the different takes on Batman (no comment on Clooney and Kilmer).
The Batman looks amazing and I can't wait to see what it has to offer the franchise.

As far as a new paper Batmobile...I've struggled with the lack of reference material to date.
I could wait a bit longer, but where is the fun in that?
This isn't the first model I have published well in advance of its public release!

I've managed to isolate and lighten a few images from the movie Trailer...but so much is still unknown.
Then theres that "pre-production scale model" that appeared on the web.
After a lot of careful examination, I decided there was just too many differences with what you could see in the Trailer.
The Hot Wheels toy appears to be based off the pre-production model...with Hot Wheels wheels and such.

But then I came across some "spy" photos taken of film production involving "stunt" Batcars.
Two stunt cars made to look very similar to the real Batcar, but obviously missing a lot of body panels and mechanical bits.
Not much good for detail reference, but they helped me understand some of the car proportions.

In the end, I felt I had enough to work with to soldier on, and invent whatever I couldn't confirm.

The Batcar's wheels are still a total mystery...
one shot in the Trailer reveals that the wheels have large hubs or wheel covers that extend out beyond the tire sidewalls.
The pre-production model seems to have truck style hubs that stick out from the wheels.

So, I did my best to create something along those lines...and hopefully they are not too far off from the actual thing.

And that brings me to this... its Koolwheelz style...meaning I have tried to limit the number of parts and the simplicity of the design.
As always, I put buildability over technical accuracy, and so many elements of the car are either simplified or stylized to better suit the miniature paper version.

Its not an easy build.
What looks like a smooth boxy design is actually a complicated automobile shape with many added on sheet metal elements.
And no, I don't believe there is an underlying production car as many have tried to guess at.
From some angles the roof lines and rear pillars have a familiar element, but looking at the "stunt" cars and all the bolted on parts,
I am inclined to think its a completely scratch built tubular chassis car underneath.
In fact, judging from the "stunt" cars sheetmetal, I wouldn't be surprised if the designers started with Nascar style Stock car chassis'.

I'm still trying to decide if I am going to call this done...and I don't have the modelsheet ready to publish yet...

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