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No.30, Zio's Bf-109, scaled at 1/60

And here we go, No.30, another Zio's baby, Bf-109 (or Me-109, I always get confused) made out of Heineken beer cans. The previous one is obviously out of Red Bull cans.
The build was generally uneventful and again had to struggle with adding a central wing spar to keep the dihedral right or near correct. It was all eye work, not really scientific, lol!
The extra detail is that addition of the wind screen frame instead of painting over the relevant part. Also the two small machine guns in the gun slots on the front of the fuselage.
Here comes the photos.
Attached Thumbnails
Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2618.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2619.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2620.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2621.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2622.jpg  

Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2623.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2624.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2625.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2626.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2628.jpg  

Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2629.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2630.jpg   Soda/Beer Can Models-dscn2634.jpg  
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