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We have a number of members who are, or have been connected to the printing industry and can answer your question more accurately.
Lithography (lithographic printing) is the modern method of printing artworks and books.
Its the best way to print high volumes of prints easily and at an affordable cost.
Most of the cost is in the inital setup...printing more and more adds very little to the overall cost.

Unfortunately, when it comes to printing Paper Model kits, the volumes are much lower, making the cost less pratical.
A low run of kits can be a lot more expensive than you will like.

Thats where digital printing (inkjet) can be considered.
But its not cheap either, when you consider the cost of large format printers, expensive cardstock, and inks.

You also cannot get the same finishes as with lithographic printing.
Metallic inks, for example, are generally not available in inkjet printing.
And glossy finishes require glossy laminated cardstocks that are not ideal.

If you are asking what home printer you should buy...that ios a tough question because everyone has their favorites.
Inkjet printers with larger capacity ink are a hot topic these days.
Most manufacturers are producing "tank" style printers now because of the demand.
However, they are more pricey.

Smaller inkjet printers are still the biggest sellers based on their price, but they can be costly to refill with ink.
Original manufacturers Ink cartridges can be pricey.
Aftermarket ink sellers are a lot better these days, and most reputable sellers on amazon and ebay provide good quality ink refilled cartridges at a fraction of the price.

If you have the funds and plan on doing a lot of printing, consider a large format, ink tank refillable machine.
Pay the extra cost now, and relax later.

Consider the size and format of your model kits and get a printer that can handle it.
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