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Originally Posted by 57townsman View Post
On a side note, what did you punch your rivets from? I’ve tried punched card but had problems with delamination😕
They look quite large. 1,5mm diameter? More?
I think i know that delamination issue as well - even with 160g/sqm paper.

My rivets have a diameter of 0.7mm - i found a hole punch of that size at a Chinese seller on ebay.

Unsing plasticard instead of paper works - but quickly kills the punch.
A compromise is to soak the paper in liquid superglue prior to punching - but that‘s not significantly better for the punch.

So i just live with delamination and - if i can‘t remove delaminated rivets - have a varying height of rivets. And call it intentional variation to soften up perfection 😉
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