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Originally Posted by gotham View Post
Can't wait to see this painted up.
Thanks gotham! Me too Can't wait to hit it with some primer and bring it all together.

Originally Posted by 57townsman View Post
Wow Gorb, this is an amazing build! All the surface texture really gives it that gritty feel. As with everyone else, Im looking forward to seeing the completed model.

On a side note, what did you punch your rivets from? Ive tried punched card but had problems with delamination😕
Originally Posted by RogerYoung View Post
They look quite large. 1,5mm diameter? More?
I think i know that delamination issue as well - even with 160g/sqm paper.

My rivets have a diameter of 0.7mm - i found a hole punch of that size at a Chinese seller on ebay.

Unsing plasticard instead of paper works - but quickly kills the punch.
A compromise is to soak the paper in liquid superglue prior to punching - but thats not significantly better for the punch.

So i just live with delamination and - if i cant remove delaminated rivets - have a varying height of rivets. And call it intentional variation to soften up perfection 😉

Thank you Townsman! Much appreciated!

I'm using a stock 1/16" hole punch on some cereal box card (the universal construction material )

Like RogerYoung says, they are pretty large - 1/16" is around 1.5mm. I like them like this though, they look chunky and everything about this tank is chunky.

What I do is punch the rivets from the back (unprinted) side of the cereal box, this gives the shiny printed side a nice dome shape. I stick them onto the model using a large-ish blob of fairly watered-down PVA. This gives me (a) working time, (b) the glue dries flat, requiring no cleanup, and (c) it soaks into the layered card of the rivet, making it pretty solid.

After leaving it to dry overnight, the next morning the rivets are very solid. To give it that extra bit of protection, I give the model two coats of MinWax Wood Hardener. This hardens the body (and the rivets!), and gives everything a very nice hard outer shell. Kinda like coating the whole thing with super glue, just much easier to work with.

Of course, I will be able to pry the rivets off if I really want to. For general handling though it is great, and I haven't had any delaminations or rivets coming off. Then again though, not even a plastic card model will survive deliberate abuse...
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